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The Brick House Beauty

Luxury Reusable Facial Sponges

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    • Introducing our new reusable facial sponges. A complete must-have for any skincare regime.
    • The soft microfibres in these large and luxuriously thick facial sponges expand when wet to help get into your pores and cleanse your skin thoroughly. Removing the most stubborn mascara and makeup. 
    • How to use. Wet the sponges with warm water and hold them over each eye for 5-10 seconds and massage in small circles before gently wiping and voila!! It's honestly that easy. Cleanse your face, neck and chest then use the sponges to remove your cleanser. You can also use them to remove your mask or apply toner.
    • Wave goodbye to facial wipes, cotton pads and the nasties that are found in them. Ingredients like methylisothiazolinone, parabens, parfum and ethanol are just some of the chemicals found in facial wipes to keep them moist, preserved (mould free) and scented whist in the packet, which can lead to irritation (have you ever felt stinging whilst using them? That will be why) dryness and sensitized skin. 
    • By replacing your wipes with these wonderfully soft and super effective sponges, you are not only helping your skin, but you are also saving your money and helping the environment. If you use 2 face wipes a day for the next 50 years you will be adding up to 73,000 wipes to the landfill and with each wipe taking up to 100years to break down that would be making a huge difference.
    • Removes even the most stubborn make-up - more effective than cleansing wipes or throw-away pads
    • Effective for up to 200 washes (wash them every few days)
    • Reusable - handwash or machine washable at 30 degrees
    • Hand rinse with some baby shampoo after using them, hang to dry ready for the next use
    • Biodegradable pouch
    • Non-Toxic
    • Vegan
    • Suitable for all skin types
    • 12cm diameter


    What's included:

    • Reusable Travel pouch designed especially for The Brick House. Ideal for travel, the gym and keeping the sponges clean whilst not in use.
    • 1 Luxury White Facial Sponge &
    • 1 Luxury Black Facial Sponge 

    NOW AVAILABLE TO PURCHASE SINGLY (does not include Travel Pouch)

    Use discount code 50OFFPOST for reduced postage on sponges sent alone.